Terrequip is an environmentally conscious earthworks provider, supporting the Australian Mining and Civil Industries for over a decade.
Having completed contracts with Westfarmers, Rio Tinto, BMA and the Australian Department of Defence, Terrequip is valued amongst civil and mining sectors for its emphasis on people, safety and the environment.

From civil maintenance contracts to large scale rehabilitation and maintenance services, its clients can be confident that Terrequip operates with an environmental and community minded focus to all of our projects. Terrequip offers services in mine closure rehabilitation, civil and rural earthworks, care and maintenance, bulk earthworks, plant hire and procurement. In all aspects of our service, we unite a passionate, dependable and experienced team with our company culture that cultivates respect for the community, the environment and safe working conditions. We are focused on growth and bring our diverse background to every opportunity, to ensure a positive outcome that exceeds the expectations of our client.

Terrequip ensures that the original state of the land and its original custodians are an important part of the considerations made. Likewise, it is of the utmost importance to our company to provide an inclusive service to all.


Terrequip is committed to creating and restoring environments that are both natural to their pre-existing forms and primed for future ecological growth. We endeavour to work with the original owners of the land in which we are restoring whilst evaluating the scientific factors involved in land rehabilitation. It’s never just as simple as closing a mine, and that is where we aim to improve sustainability in the mining industry for both our future and our children’s future.

Our People

At Terrequip, our people are not only trained and certified in their fields but are committed to our vision of natural land restoration. Terrequip provides a performance-driven culture that delivers a best of breed workforce, where leadership, accountability and hard work are paramount.

Our Equipment

Our state-of-the-art equipment is maintained at a highly professional standard to ensure we maximise capabilities and reduce downtime. With over 25 years of experience in heavy equipment, Terrequip uses its national and international network to access the newest of expert equipment and knowledge to help educated decision-making and purchases.

Our Environment

We ensure that the environment is restored to its natural state whilst including the considerations of the land’s original custodians. Not only is this an overarching ethos of our company, but is important to each and every employee in both the management and technician teams.


Terrequip has been responsible for a number of standout projects in the mining and earthworks industries. After successfully completing contracts with some of the largest organisations in the country, it can be concluded that we will endeavour to restore the land to the best of our ability of each and every project we are contracted for.

Dartbrook Coal Mine NSW
Wide Bay Training Area QLD Shoal Water Bay Training Area QLD Townsville Training Area QLD
Blair Athol Coal Mine, QLD
BMA Blackwater, QLD
Curragh Coal Mine, QLD
Drayton Mine, NSW Dawson Mine, NSW
Hunter Valley Operations, NSW Bengalla Mine, NSW