Dartbrook Mine

Terrequip is the appointed operator of the Dartbrook Mine in the Hunter Valley for Australian Pacific Coal currently in care and maintenance.

Leadership, hard work and SAFETY FIRST is our team’s sole focus.

The Dartbrook Mine is located in the Hunter Valley, NSW, approximately 4km west of Aberdeen and 10km north-west of Muswellbrook. The Dartbrook site has access to world-class infrastructure, a skilled workforce and the support industries utilised by major mining companies in the region to serve key customers in Asia.

Limestone Mine and Quarry

Terrequip acquired the Elbow Valley Limestone Mine and Quarry from Sibelco.
From April 2020 the renowned Warwick white limestone and varying products again will be available for sale.

Warwick White Marblestone – 12mm, 25mm, 50mm

Renowned throughout Queensland for its brilliant white colouration,
the Warwick Limestone will again provide your landscaping needs. Available in a range of sizes, our Marblestone is the pinnacle of decorative aggregates providing an attractive feature finish. In industrial applications Marblestone can be used for acid neutralisation.

-40+2mm Calcium Stone
Our -40+2mm Calcium Stone is a high CaCO3 aggregate (min. 80%) for cement industry applications. It is also a suitable top course gravel to seal roads and driveways with excellent wear.

Select Fill
With the added benefit of lime, Terrequip’s Select Fill is the perfect material for construction of roads, driveways, stockyards or laydown pads. Consisting of a blend of fines and small aggregates our Select Fill provides a hard wearing and stable surface that is tough on machine use and gentle on stock hoofs.

Neutralime is a pulverized calcium carbonate material finer than 2mm. It is commonly used in the conditioning of acid sulphate soils and as a cost effective alkaline for pH control.

AgLime & SuperFine AgLime
Agricultural lime is used as a soil conditioner due to its superior neutralising value and a rich source of calcium. It is typically used to reduce soil acidity and improve plant growth by helping to increase the availability of essential plant nutrients in the ground.
Terrequip’s agricultural lime is available in particle sizes of AgLime (<1000 microns) or SuperFine (<250 microns) and is processed under our quality assurance program producing consistent chemical and physical properties resulting in a predictable and repeatable product performance for our customers. Terrequip actively manages a Quality Management System certified to ISO9001:2008

Calgrit & Fine Grit
Terrequip’s Calgrit and Fine Grit products are natural mineral grits derived from calcium carbonate.
Calgrit is commonly used in the poultry industry as an excellent source of calcium (for hard egg shells) and more essential minerals than regular grit. Calgrit is ideal for laying chickens to help them cope with eggshell production & to aid in bird digestion. Also suitable for other birds & for freshwater turtles as a tank additive.

Fine Grit has stockfeed applications as well as use in the poultry industry for aiding in animal digestion and feed supplements providing the necessary calcium for healthy growth.

For details on our limestone specifications please download the PDF’s below:

Kingaroy Kaolin Clay Mine


Our product has been supplying the domestic and international export markets for many years. Our product is renowned for its pure form and colour that leaves it ideal for multiple usages.

Located only two hours from Brisbane leaves it easily accessible and price effective.

Kaolin (also known as china clay) is a white, soft, plastic clay mainly composed of fine-grained plate-like particles. It is chemically inert, non-abrasive and has low heat and electricity conductivity. Plastic clays have a wide range of colours, but when fired, selected clays give results that are pure white. Plastic clays are used in the production of fine ceramics, brickworks and pavers for filling and coating of paper and in many other markets including soaps and cosmetics.

Demand and interest is high. For sales please contact Terrequip now.

Critical Minerals Hub

Terrequip has identified a real and unique opportunity for several stakeholders to be a part of a ‘ first to market project’ for a Commonwealth Government high priority sector in critical minerals.

It is a multi- faceted solution that will generate high volumes of rare earths and that will have environmental, community and industry support.

More details coming very soon…