BMA Blackwater, QLD
Terrequip was responsible for 3.5 million BCM of overburden removal via bulk dozer push. Likewise, we completed 200 hectares of rehabilitation including bulk shaping, drainage, topsoil and revegetation and bulk dozer shaping for the purpose of drill bench preparation.


Terrequip has been responsible for a number of standout projects in the mining and earthworks industries. After successfully completing contracts with some of the largest organisations in the country, it can be concluded that we will endeavour to restore the land to the best of our ability of each and every project we are contracted for.

Dartbrook Coal Mine NSW
Wide Bay Training Area QLD Shoal Water Bay Training Area QLD Townsville Training Area QLD
Blair Athol Coal Mine, QLD
BMA Blackwater, QLD
Curragh Coal Mine, QLD
Drayton Mine, NSW Dawson Mine, NSW
Hunter Valley Operations, NSW Bengalla Mine, NSW