Department of Defence

Terrequip has provided various and diverse services to the Australian Defence force, providing ongoing maintenance and repairs to the infrastructure and landscape due to ongoing Defence exercises and training. Including the development of a new boat ramp at the Wide Bay Training Area, the Department of Defence have continuously returned to Terrequip for their Earth restoration.

Civil and Rural Earth Works

Terrequip has provided bulk earthworks and contract mining services to several top tier mining companies across the Bowen Basin in Queensland and Hunter Valley in New South Wales. We administer, operate and maintain our own mining and civil fleets, therefore providing a service that increases availability and decreases downtime.

Land Rehabilitation

Terrequip has provided large scale progressive rehabilitation at numerous mining locations. Each location unique with varying implications and needs. Our diverse team is experienced in providing comprehensive work in every step of the rehabilitation process. Terrequip endeavours to deliver positive environmental and social outcomes through transforming end of life mines and progressive rehabilitation sites into sustainable spaces enjoyed by local people and the broader community

Dartbrook Coal Mine NSW
Wide Bay Training Area QLD Shoal Water Bay Training Area QLD Townsville Training Area QLD
Blair Athol Coal Mine, QLD
BMA Blackwater, QLD
Curragh Coal Mine, QLD
Drayton Mine, NSW Dawson Mine, NSW
Hunter Valley Operations, NSW Bengalla Mine, NSW